Email Marketing within a Sales Funnel

What you need are optin fields where visitors can leave their name and email address. But why they should give you their information in the first place? The only reason is that you offer a solution. You offer them value they can work with. Preferably for free. This strategy calls the Value Ladder. In another article I described how the value ladder works and how to set it up.

When your sales page is setup as a value ladder, people will more often leave their details. Their names and email addresses will be collected in the mail area. After many people left their details you now can retarget your new prospects. This you setup fully automatically. The image on the left shows an example of a value ladder based on a dental clinic. Lets take this example and create an automated email marketing flow. This strategy is suitable for any type of business.

You created a Sales Page, a Facebook/Instagram Ad and a maillist in the mail area. When  subscribers will be added in that maillist, they need to get an email with the information they expect. In the Facebook Ad in this picture they expect to have a confirmation that the will have  free dental cleaning with no costs, even with no dental insurance. When they click on the Ad, they will go to a Sales Page with more information and where they can fill in their details to get a voucher. You can set this automatically. Just click the trigger button next to the maillist, en choose the action when someone subscribes they need to get a specific email. Done right? Well, not really. This is only the beginning.


Now that your subscribers receive automatically their first email, you can set a trigger on that first email. Funnelting gives you the information whether an email has been opened or not opened. And if you provided the email with a link or button, you will get the information back if the link was clicked yes or no. Based on that information you can set a trigger action. In the example of the dental advertisement, the first email contains a link (or button) which brings the recipient to the calendar page to schedule an appointment for the free offer. Here you set a trigger action if the link was not clicked, you automatically send another email, a few days later, to remind them to schedule the appointment. Or another trigger when the first email wasn’t opened. Just to remind them about that first email to schedule the free appointment. You can create a flow of emails based on behaviours about previous emails. With this system you create engagement by your new customers.

Another example I used myself as an social media marketer, is to offer the first consultation for free. I ran ads where I offered an overview, for free of course, to give tips and tricks what to change on a website, how to grow their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers and create engagement. With this system I build up a huge clientele who were interested doing better in digital marketing. I offered them great value for free, and within a few automated emails I scored every month 10 to 15 new clients who paid me thousands per month to handle their marketing. Trust versus Value! How more value I delivered, how more trust I gain with my new customers.

Funnelting offers everything within one platform where you can build sales pages, and have an automated email marketing system together with a Facebook Ads-Manager. Plus a CRM system to manage your new clients. You can start now completely for free and grow your business.


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