Follow Up Emails: Pay Attention For 90 Days

63% of people requesting information on your product will not purchase for three months. That means that 2/3 of your clients you need to be paying attention to you for 90 days.

It’s vital to have a superb follow-up, to have strategies, tactics, and a schedule to close customers later who you don’t close today (and to get customers who buy today to consider buying more of what you have to offer!).

For follow up to truly be effective you must genuinely show INTEREST in the person, not just the sale, and then do so in the following three ways:

  1. Be Creative
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Persist over long periods of time.

The average sales rep contacts a prospect only one or two times before giving up, yet 80% of sales take five to 12 contacts. This disconnect shows just how many opportunities are going to waste. 

In order not to lose sales, you can automate this process. When we created Funnelting, we knew that we needed to put a process in place that allows users to create these steps in advance. The image below shows an example of how you can create an automated email flow. The system recognizes specific behaviors from a new prospect.

For example: Imagine you have a sales funnel* where you offer a product or a service. The first step in the Funnel provides a prospect with a free sample. When a potential client claims this “free” product and leaves his or her details, he or she goes into the next funnel step, which is an upsell** page. Let’s say that the client is not interested in that offer and goes to the next step in the funnel. This step is a downsell funnel***.  The email system knows exactly what a prospect did or not did in the sales funnel, and based on that information, specific emails will be sent to convert the client into a regular customer. This method will not only save a lot of time but helps you to follow up.


Funnelting is at this moment the most advanced sales and marketing platform on the market. You can build a money-making sales funnel in just a few minutes, create a fully automated email marketing strategy attached into your funnel, it has state of the art Facebook and Instagram ads-manager to guide potential customers to your funnels, and a CRM system to manage and interact with your clients.

* Funnels are specific landing pages to promote and sell and brand your business
** Upsell pages are a step in a funnel where you offer or promote a product/service with a discounted price
*** Downsell, an alternative product for those who did not buy the Upsell product.


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