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Since 2004 the recruitment business is a growing industry, even during the recession between 2009 and 2012 it kept growing. Now, in 2019 it is an astonishing 550 Billion dollar market, and it’s still growing. However, it is growing vertically. Since 2004 nothing changed, only that a few businesses control almost the entire market.

To post a job on the famous job boards, recruiters need to pay up to $500 for just one advertisement. And if a recruiter wants to search for potential candidates in these job boards, they need to pay extra $$ just to look inside a few CVs.

This means that you can start today your own Home Base Recruitment Agency and build a 6-figure business within a few months.

Small recruiters (home based businesses) can not afford to spend thousands of dollars every month to post several jobs. The risk not finding the right candidate on time, is simply too high. Besides, the very large staffing organisations like Randstad, Manpower or Hays, they spend $100K per month on these job boards, and filling their recruitment pipeline with bogus job advertisements. Jobs which do not exists, just to collect as much as possible CVs.

It is the Perfect Business, Recession Proofed.

When the market goes up, companies hire employees. When there is a recession, companies hire temp workers. There is aways work for recruiters. Small businesses and large enterprises hire recruiters for various reasons. To remove the workload in their HR departments, to hire professionals to source for specific a skillset, to save money on recruitment. Recruiters are also hired because it just looks professional. This often happens with startups.

Start your own Recruitment Agency Today

Funnelting is closing this gap. With Funnelting you save 99% of your advertising costs and you reach more candidates in a much shorter time. And not just random candidates, you reach specific candidates. Candidates who matches 100% the skill set you are looking for. And not just those who are looking for a job, you reach everyone. This talent pool is gigantic. And best, it costs almost nothing. A small recruiter in the Netherlands showed us that he made $11.880 in four weeks time, with only $57 costs. Within two weeks he had 26 potential candidates for his client. He spend $8 on Geo-Fence ads, and $49 subscription for Funnelting. We used this example as a case study on our website.

This means that you can start today your own Home Base Recruitment Agency and build a 6-figure business within a few months. Funnelting is offering up to 12 months business support and provides you with everything you need. They even help you with scoring clients.

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