How a Startup Disrupt the Digital Marketing Landscape

What is disrupting?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back in 2007, the competition looked, waited and lost. Leaders in the mobile phone market, who led the market for many years, suddenly disappeared. Brands as Nokia, Blackberry, Siemens, and Motorola, are or are almost gone. Even though investors told Jobs it was a bad idea to start with mobile phones, he (Jobs) said; I will make a phone so sexy, that you want to lick it. We all know who was right.

How it is possible that one idea can lead to disrupting a entire market? Multi-billion dollar businesses lost 90% market share within the first year after the iPhone became available. It is the same if next year Disney or McDonald’s is gone because someone has a great idea. Hard to imagine.

The first steps in creating something unique!

It always starts with an idea. At Funnelting we learned that many small business owners were having the same issues with sales and marketing. Where large organizations with a vast marketing budget are merely hiring media agencies, who handle their marketing, they spend thousands of dollars each month. Small businesses don’t have that kind of budget nor resources. What we also learned was that these small businesses don’t have the time or knowledge to handle the online marketing themselves. Many have no idea where to start. A new group of internet marketers arose quickly to provide online training and seminars to teach businesses how to promote their business online. And these folks ain’t work for free. They are often asking hundreds of dollars for online workshops.

Here we saw the opportunity to create a multi-functional platform where companies could straightforwardly grow their business.  Before Funnelting, you needed to signup on various platforms who offer costly services. Building online sales pages, $97 per month, email marketing automation,  $49 per month. If you like to use an advanced Ads-Manager, which allows you to create smarter marketing campaigns, $149 per month. Away from your monthly total, there is a lot of copy and paste involved, and you need to connect with complicated API’s one platform with another and pay a minimum of $290 per month, up to $700 per month if you would like to do better.

The typical startup hurdle

The key is that nothing should be complicated. You log in, create multistep sales pages, with integrated email marketing, and a Facebook/Instagram Ads-Manager. Plus, we added a CRM system which collects all the information about your new clients. That means that with Funnelting you can do everything yourself without hiring an expensive media agency or website developer. Also, we wanted to keep it affordable. Therefore we offer a free starter package up to $89 per month for our premium package. Even with our premium package, you save up hundreds of dollars per month when using different suppliers instead, who provide one solution.

The development of Funnelting was not an easy task. Although we knew what the platform should do and look like, bringing our vision into reality, manage specific areas with our developers, who do not know about digital marketing, was the most challenging task. Along the way, we learned a lot. You might have everything figured out in your head, to translate it to those who need to understand it, you need to have patience.

Keep on innovating

When we finalized the platform for the public and invited businesses to use and test it, we understood that we created something unique. There is nothing like Funnelting on the market today. And the speed in growth is record-breaking. The need for simplicity, something everybody understands without a manual, is enormous. Running a business that helps other companies to grow and offer them to use their full potential, is very rewarding. Funnelting is growing into a multi-million dollar business, within just a few months. And we keep adding useful features to it. This year we will release a function which puts Funnelting years ahead on the competition.


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