The Site Menu

When creating a Sales Funnel, you’ll find a site menu. To use the tools in the menus, simply drag&drop them in the row of your choice


The Settings Menu

At the settings menu you can add or set a step in your sales funnel. Name your Page, choose whether it is a regular page or a sales page. When choosing a Sales Page, a checkout option and shopping basked are automatically attached. A regular page is a page with no sales purpose. Think about announcements, free downloads etc.

The Rows

In order to create a page, you can choose different width sizes. The Mid Size are the most common used one.



Choose columns and drag them in the row you would like. In each column you can set a specific element.



Add link > This creates a button. You can set the button linked to a domain of your choice, or via the dropdown to a specific step in your Sales Funnel. The Button colour, size and text you can edit.

Image Chooser > Drag this in to a row or column of your choice. A “click to add” option appears. This opens your image gallery. Simply choose or upload an image. You can resize and reposition the image.

Product Chooser > Same as image chooser. Only here it opens your Products. Products and price you create in the CRM menu.

Submin Button > This button submits all Opt-in Fields to your Maillist.

Optin Fields > Ad as many optin fields you prefer to gather multiple information. You can pre-define the input of the optin field.

Countdown > This is countdown option which is edible in colours and sizes.

Text Settings > Multiple options. Click the Text Settings to see more option.



Choose your existing maillist from the menu or create a new list. When not choosing this, the Mail area will automatically generate a new list
NOTE: When you would like to use an existing maillist, you first need to choose it before creating Optin Fields. Otherwise the system will create a new one.


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