Tai Lopez Social Media Agency Training – A Brilliant Concept?

I came across Tai Lopez a few years ago. First I was skeptical about his methods. Millions of people saw his video where he was standing in his garage between Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Showing off his mansion in Beverly Hills and spoke about how he grew from being very poor to become very successful. In a short time, he managed to have millions of followers on YouTube and Facebook.  He provides his audience with information about how becoming successful. Last year he started to deliver a course on how to start your own Social Media Marketing Agency where small businesses will pay you thousands of dollars per month to handle their marketing. You could potentially earn six figures per year. If you want to Attend this masterclass, it cost you between 2K and 4K.

Is it worthed to spend 2K?

Despite some negative reviews on the internet, the masterclass is very good organized. Exciting tips with a good, necessary foundation, which will get you started right away. To succeed, however, depends solely on your willingness for getting out there knocking on many doors. Millions of small and medium-sized businesses owners have a lack of knowledge and time to handle the new media themselves. It is a growing market, and yes, you can quickly earn up to 10K per month. To run a Social Media Marketing Agency, you will also have expenses. The most successful agencies deliver an all-inclusive service where they offer many services. They create Sales Pages and Email Marketing Automation. And of course, they create paid marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms. The aim is, to deliver new business to their clients. Using different tools on various platforms can be very pricey. To provide the best service, you need these platforms to offer the best marketing experience. However, your expenses can be as much as $700 per month. And if you handle more than five clients, your costs will go up rapidly.

An All-Inclusive service

At Funnelting we noticed that many digital marketers love our platform because of its simplicity as well as saving costs. Because Funnelting offers all marketing tools (Sales Pages, Email Marketing, Facebook/Instagram Ads-Manager and a CRM system) for just $49 per month, we see a massive shift in our user base. If your marketing agency grows, our premium package is only $89 per month which allows you to handle a minimum of 50 clients easily. Besides that, Funnelting offers all tools in just one platform, it is even better than all other sales and marketing tools which are available on the market. The system is ingeniously built because all essential tools are connected with each other. In a straightforward flow, you create a successful marketing campaign for your client.

Don’t compete, dominate!

That means that when your costs are low, you can offer your services at very competitive prices. Where other marketers are asking 1K or more, for limited assistance, you can provide an all-inclusive service for half of that price.

As a marketer myself, it is hard to find useful information on how to get as many as possible clients. Your sales pitch is the essential asset to convince potential customers. When you can offer an all-inclusive service for a reasonable price, it will make the hunt for new customers much easier.

Please comment below if a Social Media Marketing Sales Pitch Training would be helpful. I am happy to provide a free online training. Or send me an email: marlon@funnelting.com


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  1. Rebecca Llewelinn

    When are you planning to give that training? I am interested to learn more

  2. Talha Siddiqui

    Thanks Marlon I am actually a part of Tai lopez social media marketing agency program i would love to learn your funnelting system as well as the sales pitch. Looking forward to you man,

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